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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provide oversight of operations, financial health, and quality initiatives which are so important in providing consistent quality care to our patients, our visitors, and to those in our community. Our Board is comprised of elected residents who are passionate about providing quality health care in our community and who have experience in business operations. The Board is an excellent cross-section of our community and meets publicly each month at EPMC to conduct medical center business.

Our primary purpose at EPMC is to provide the highest quality, safest patient care at all levels. We are committed to continually finding ways to improve patient experiences, patient outcomes, and improve overall wellness for all citizens. We have excellent people at all levels within the medical center to take care of the medical needs of you, your family, and your friends. 

For information about contacting a Board Member, please contact Julie Yaden in the EPMC Administration Office at (970) 577-4470. 

All email messages sent to the EPMC board members via email addresses, and all email messages from board members using their addresses, are considered public. 
These messages can be found at: Board Public Email site. 

If you would like to request a private or personal discussion with a board member, please arrange contact through Julie Yaden (above). To send a public email to a board member, click the appropriate link below. Note that any message sent to or from an email address is available for discovery through a Colorado Open Records Act request.

(click board member to email)
        David Batey - Chair 
     Sandy Begley - Vice Chair
        Diane Muno - Secretary 
        Monty Miller - Treasurer  

See below for video/audio files of recent board meetings, pictures and bios of current board members, relevant public documents from board meetings, and for a glossary of acronyms and terms that will help you understand some of the entries in those documents.



June 15, 2018Notice-of-Mtg---PHD-Board-Spec-Mtg-06.19.18.pdf
May 23, 201804.30.18-Board-Reg-Mtg-Minutes-Approved.pdf
May 23, 201805.16.18-Board-Spec-Mtg-Minutes-Approved.pdf
May 23, 2018Park-Hospital-District-Bylaws-Rev.pdf
May 15, 2018Board-05.16.18-Spec-Mtg-Agenda.pdf
May 14, 2018Publ-Notice-Spec-Board-Mtg-05.16.18.pdf
May 9, 2018PHD-BOD-Election-Preliminary-Results-2018.pdf
May 1, 2018Approved-03.19.18-Spec-Mtg-Minutes.pdf
May 1, 2018Approved-Board-Minutes-03.26.18.pdf
May 1, 2018Approved-04.10.18-Spec-Mtg-Minutes.pdf
May 1, 2018Approved-04.18.18-Spec-Mtg-Minutes.pdf
April 30, 2018Message-to-Community-regarding-Mail-Ballots.pdf
April 27, 201804.30.18-Mtg-Agenda---Final.docx
April 18, 2018Publ-Notice---Special-Brd-Mtg-04.18.18.docx
April 5, 2018Hosp-Board-Notice-of-Spec-Mtg-04.10.18.pdf
April 3, 2018PHD-Mail-Ballot-Election-Notice-to-Publish.pdf
March 29, 2018Approved-Board-Minutes-02.26.18.pdf
March 29, 2018Approved-03.05.18-Spec-Mtg-Minutes.pdf
March 15, 2018Publ-Notice---Special-Brd-Mtg-03.19.18.docx
March 1, 201801.23.18-Regular-Board-Mtg-Minutes---Approved.pdf
March 1, 201801.18.18-Spec-Board-Mtg-Minutes---Approved.pdf
March 1, 201801.23.18-Spec-Board-Mtg-Minutes---Approved.pdf
January 26, 2018Approved-Board-Minutes-12.05.17.pdf
January 26, 2018Board-Meeting-Dates-FY-2018.pdf
January 22, 2018Amended-2017-Transparency-Notice.pdf
December 12, 20172017-Transparency-Notice-12.12.17.pdf
December 6, 2017Approved-Board-Minutes-10.31.17.pdf
December 6, 2017Approved-Budget-FY2018-EPMC.pdf
November 1, 2017Approved-Board-Minutes-09.19.17.pdf
September 20, 201709.13.17-PHD-Board-Wellness-Study-Session-3-Minutes.pdf
August 30, 2017PHD-Board-Mtg-Minutes-08.01.17.pdf
August 14, 201708.09.17-Wellness-Center-Work-Session-2-Minutes.docx
August 2, 20172017-Call-for-Nominations-Posting.docx
August 2, 2017June-2017-Financials.xlsx
July 26, 2017Board Wellness Center Work Session Minutes 07.12.17
July 26, 201706.19.17-PHD-Board-Orientation-Minutes.pdf
July 7, 2017Glossary-of-Terms-and-Acronyms-in-Board-Documents.pdf
July 5, 2017PHD-Board-Minutes.20170620.pdf
July 5, 2017PHD-May-2017-financial.pdf

Board of Directors

David  Batey
David Batey
Sandy Begley
Sandy Begley
Vice Chair
Diane Muno
Diane Muno
Monty Miller
Monty Miller
William Pinkham
William Pinkham
Member At Large
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